Investigating the mobile suit that defeated the Gundam (Gryps Conflict)

In the Universal Century, Gundam has achieved great results in all eras.

The white demons “gundam” were so strong that I don’t even know how many they shot down.

However, there must be mobile suits that destroyed the Gundam after a fierce battle…!

I didn’t know which mobile suit destroyed the Gundam and how many of them existed, so I investigated.


Image: Hobi~Rush

RX-160 Byarlant.
This is a prototype mobile suit developed by Titans.

Equipped with movable thermonuclear jet engines on both shoulders, it is a mobile suit that can fly non-deformably.

The question is… did it defeat Gundam ?

It defeated Gundam, or rather, they shot down the Psycho Gundam that protected the Z Gundam.

When you say that you defeated the Psycho Gundam, it sounds amazing.
But, Psycho Gundam is an ally, so it was an own goal… ha ha ha … .

In the Gryps Campaign, neither Gundam Mk II nor Z Gundam were destroyed, so this is the only one listed ….

The pilot is Lieutenant Jerid Mesa.

By the way, when I looked up Byarlant, I found a lot of Byarlant Custom that appeared in Gundam Unicorn.
That was a really cool fight scene…

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