Investigate the mobile suit that defeated the Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam OO edition)

In the Universal Century, Gundam has achieved great results in all eras.

The white demons “gundam” were so strong that I don’t even know how many they shot down.

However, there must be mobile suits that destroyed the Gundam after a fierce battle…!

I didn’t know which mobile suit destroyed the Gundam and how many of them existed, so I investigated.

Graham Dedicated Union Flag Custom II (GN Flag)


SVMS-01X Graham Dedicated Union Flag Custom II (GN Flag)

It is an machine that forcibly mounted the pseudo-solar furnace of another machine Jinx, on the Flag.

The main armament is the GN beam saber.

Moreover, this beam saber is a wire supply type modification of the beam saber taken from Gundam Throne, and I think it is the mobile suit that oozes the most hardship.

It was developed to counter Gundam with Flag.
In the final battle of the 1st season, it defeated Gundam Exia in a match.

However, Gundam Exia was exhausted after fighting the de facto last boss Alvatore and the Alvaron in it.
Well, that’s fine. Because the performance difference between Flag and Gundam is amazing.

The pilot is Senior Capt. Graham Aker.


To be honest, I wanted to mention Graham’s success not this machine, but the “SVMS-01E Graham exclusive Union Flag Custom (Custom Flag)” that fought against Gundam Throne.

It was the most heated battle in which the famous phrase “Today I surpass even Ashura” jumped out.

In this battle, Custom Flag repels Gundam Throne Ein by cutting off his right arm.
However, it cannot be said that the custom flag destroyed Gundam Throne Ein, it only drove Gundam away, so I could not be posted.

Further P.S.

Personally, I think the two who overcame the performance gap and worked so hard that it brought tears to my eyes were Bernie from “War in the Pocket” and Captain Graham.
If a new work comes out and reappears, I want them to ride on the strongest machine(crying).

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