Investigating the mobile suit that defeated the Gundam (Zanskar War)

In the Universal Century, Gundam has achieved great results in all eras.

The white demons “gundam” were so strong that I don’t even know how many they shot down.

However, there must be mobile suits that destroyed the Gundam after a fierce battle…!

I didn’t know which mobile suit destroyed the Gundam and how many of them existed, so I investigated.


ZMT-S33S Gottrlatan.

Armament includes Beam Rifle, Beam Tonfer, Head Beam Cutter, etc., but the most distinctive feature is the powerful Mega Beam Cannon.

To be honest, I don’t remember at all, but I heard that he defeated a lot of Gundam Hexa.

What I think about this survey is that “Land Battle Type Gundam” and “Gundam Hexa” were manufactured in large numbers.

The pilot is Lieutenant Kateřina Ruth, the head of the three great evil women of Gundam.

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