Investigate the mobile suit that defeated the Gundam (One Year War)

In the Universal Century, Gundam has achieved great results in all eras.

The white demons “gundam” were so strong that I don’t even know how many they shot down.

However, there must be mobile suits that destroyed the Gundam after a fierce battle…!

I didn’t know which mobile suit destroyed the Gundam and how many of them existed, so I investigated.


MSM-04 Aggai.

It is an amphibious mobile suit of the Principality of Zeon.

To be honest, I have the impression that it is the weakest among the amphibious mobile suits, but in chronological order, Acguy was the first candidate.

As for his activities, in the Southeast Asian front line, he ambushed a land battle-type Gundam and destroyed its head.

However, in a situation where victory was almost certain, as a result of being distracted by the diversion of the enemy’s hover truck, it was destroyed in reverse by the beam rifle of the Land Battle Gundam.

As a result, I was hesitant because he lost, but as you can see in the image, Gundam is bumpy, so I posted it.

The pilot is unknown, probably an unnamed soldier.

Apsaras II

Apsaras II.
Surprisingly he doesn’t have a model number !

This is a mobile armor with a mega particle cannon attached to the first “Apsaras I”.
It is equipped with a Minovsky craft.

Although it is almost a draw, in the Southeast Asian front line, the land battle type Gundam was driven to the point where it could not be activated.

The pilot is a civilian Aina Sakhalin.

Apsaras III

Apsaras III.
Like Apsaras II, it doesn’t have a model number !

It was developed for the daunting purpose of descending from the stratosphere and launching a surprise attack on the Earth Federation Forces General Headquarters Jaburo with a powerful mega particle cannon.

On the Southeast Asian Front, the Mega Particle Cannon instantly split the Land Battle Gundam in two (it’s not a draw!).

Furthermore, this mobile armor destroyed the Gundam Ez8. However, as usual, this was a draw, and rather a loss.

The pilot is Major General Guineas Sakhalin, commander of the secret base for the development of new weapons in the Asian Army.

Zaku I For Commanders – Gellert Schmeisser’s Exclusive Mobile Suit

MS-05S Zaku I for Gellert Schmeisser.

In the game “Geonic Front”, he deceived his enemies with smoke and defeated Gundam Unit 6 (Madlock).
It’s ridiculous that Zaku I will defeat Gundam.

The pilot is Major Gellert Schmeisser, Captain of the Henrir Squad of the Dark Night.

Zaku II Custom

MS-06FZ Zaku II Custom.

The pilot is Corporal Bernard Wiseman, aka Barney.

Barney rode the Zaku II Custom on Christmas Day, just before the end of the One Year War, to fulfill the mission of the annihilated Cyclops Corps and to protect Side 6, and fought Gundam NT-1 (Alex) on Side 6.

Although it destroyed Alex’s head and right arm, it was defeated without being completely destroyed, but as a result, it was damaged enough that Alex could not be re-introduced into combat, so I posted it.

The Gundam was stopped by Char, but Alex was stopped by Corporal Bernie. Moreover, he stopped it with Zaku.

Psycho Zaku

MS-06R Reuse P Device Equipped High Mobility Zaku (Psycho Zaku).

It is an mobile suit equipped with a “reuse psycho device” that allows the pilot’s limbs to be prosthetized and connected to the cockpit to control the mobile suit like an extension of the body.
It was called the “Devil’s Experimental Machine” by the Earth Federation Forces.

In December 0079, at the end of the One Year War, he defeated the Full Armor Gundam in Thunderbolt space after a death battle.
In the streets, it seems that he has won, but as usual, Zaku has exploded, so it should be a draw.

The pilot is Second Lieutenant Darryl Lorenz.


Image: HOBBY Watch

MSN-02 Zeong.

Each part of the fuselage is equipped with a total of 13 mega particle cannons.
Well, 13 gates means 10 gates in the hand, 2 gates in the abdomen, and 1 gate in the head.

In addition, it is equipped with a control and fire control system “Pshycommu” compatible with the Newtype.

In the final battle of the One Year War, the Battle of A Baoa Qu, he defeated the Gundam with a mega particle cannon, while only the head was in the state.

As usual, it is draw, and the core fighter of Gundam could not be destroyed. But it is a mobile suit that finally stopped the white demon “Gundam” of the One Year War.

The pilot is Colonel Char Aznable.

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