Investigating the mobile suit that defeated the Gundam (Second Neo-Zeon War)

In the Universal Century, Gundam has achieved great results in all eras.

The white demons “gundam” were so strong that I don’t even know how many they shot down.

However, there must be mobile suits that destroyed the Gundam after a fierce battle…!

I didn’t know which mobile suit destroyed the Gundam and how many of them existed, so I investigated.


MSN-03 Jagd Doga.

The Gyunei boarding machine is equipped with a beam assault rifle, beam saber, six funnels, missiles, and a mega particle cannon shield.

Jagd Doga engaged Re-GZ and destroyed it’s BWS, right arm, right leg, left backpack, etc., rendering it unable to fight.

It seems that there are many complaints that Re-GZ is not Gundam, but since it is Refine Gundam Zeta, I wonder if it can be included in Gundam.

By the way, in the early stages when Re-GZ’s pilot was Amuro Ray, Jagd Doga lost quite a bit.

The pilot is Warrant Officer Gunney Guss.

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