The True Seven Wonders of the World 6: Light

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… the seven wonders of the world as they are commonly known, are truly mysterious. But are they so mysterious that science cannot explain them at all? When I think about it, I think there is a much bigger wonder in this world.

Therefore, I investigated the “Seven Wonders of the Real World” that have not been elucidated scientifically but definitely exist.

To this wonder, by the way, there is no answer. Not even a hypothesis. It’s such a mystery that you can’t even formulate a hypothesis. But these mysteries really exist ! That’s why the real Seven Wonders of this world are really amazing!

The True Seven Wonders of the World 6: Light

Light is one of the electromagnetic waves, so it is not really light (visible light), but electromagnetic waves. I wanted the title to be simple, so I made it ‘Light’.

Wonder of Light No.1 “The speed is constant regardless of the speed of the observer’s movement”

The speed of light is constant regardless of the speed at which the observer is moving.
What? What does it mean?
Well… when the observer moves, it is not the light that changes, but the flow of time on the observer’s side.

What do you mean, Light, are you greater than time?
Well, yes, I guess it’s great (laughs).

However, the speed of light also changes as it passes through matter.

Wonder of Light No. 2 “I don’t know whether it is a particle or a wave”

For a long time, light has been sometimes described as a particle and sometimes as a wave.

 Right now, it seems to have settled on being both a particle and a wave, but as usual, I feel like I’m just running away because I don’t know.

In the first place, in the case of waves, there should be a medium (ether) that transmits waves, but what happened to that? It’s full of things I don’t know.

It is a light that we humans can perceive, but we do not know what it is, it is a mysterious existence.

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