Investigate whether "pumpkin" can supplement "carrots"

Stray Detective Chick is a little careful about nutrition.

I think that “green” of green and yellow vegetables can be taken relatively easily, but “yellow” is quite difficult.

I personally think that carrots and pumpkins are representative of that “yellow”.

Pumpkin is easy to buy because it is a pumpkin croquette or tempura. On the other hand, if you try to take carrots properly, there are only carrot-only salads.

The salad is often sold out, and the pumpkin croquette is more delicious… Under such circumstances, I suddenly had a faint hope that carrots would not be necessary if we were eating pumpkins.

For that reason, this time I investigated “Can pumpkin supplement carrots?”


I did a lot of research, but it was difficult to understand without a graph, so I made it myself.
The chart below shows the value of each nutrient in carrots when the value of each nutrient in pumpkin is 1.

Yeah, just looking at this, it seems that you’ll be fine with just pumpkin.

If I have to say it, it’s only a matter of whether or not I have enough vitamin A.

Conclusion: Almost, you can supplement with pumpkin

I think you can make up for it with pumpkin!

Pumpkin is amazing!!

If you are worried about a deficiency of vitamin A or α-carotene, which is called provitamin A, eat carrots as well!

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