Investigate whether eating breakfast is better or worse

Investigate whether eating breakfast is better or worse

Stray Detective Chick has gained weight little by little over the past few years as a result of being lazy due to too little work.

Stray Detective Chick, who doesn’t have a habit of eating breakfast, thought.

I have heard that “If you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll actually gain weight” or “If you don’t eat breakfast, your blood sugar level will spike after lunch.”

Let’s try to eat breakfast !

One year has passed…

I gained more weight (1.5 kg increase).
Blood sugar also went up (15% increase).

Of course, it’s not always because of the breakfast, but…

In general, breakfast is said to be good to eat.
But I became even more unhealthy.

Is it good or bad to eat breakfast?

This time, I tried to investigate this topic.

First of all

First of all, when I looked it up, all the arguments were that you should have breakfast. However, articles with weak scientific basis stand out.

There are book on the opposite opinion, but many authors seem to just want attention (prejudice).

In addition, there are many articles with a narrow perspective, such as not talking about blood sugar levels, but only about weight.

Therefore, I investigated based on papers and numerical data.

1. Blood sugar level

From the viewpoint of blood glucose levels, it seems that the rate of increase in blood glucose levels after lunch and dinner is greater if you do not eat breakfast (although there was variation depending on the literature…).

There was also data that it rose by as much as 40%.

In the diagram below :
Yellow is the group that does not eat breakfast,
Green is the group that eats breakfast,
The left is the blood sugar level after lunch,
The right is the blood sugar level after dinner.

2. Body weight

There are many articles that say that if you don’t eat, you will gain weight, but they seem to be lying.
I think it’s true that I’m gaining weight.

The reason is simply that the more you eat, the more calories you take in.

If you look closely at the content of the test when it says no increase, you need to be careful because the daily calorie intake is the same for the group who eats breakfast and the group who does not eat breakfast.

3. Head working

As for the work of the brain, it seems that it is better to have breakfast.
There seems to be data that students who eat breakfast get better grades.

Conclusion: You should eat breakfast

It’s a normal conclusion, and I’m embarrassed to say that we should eat breakfast from the viewpoint of blood sugar levels. And in order not to gain weight,
I think you should reduce the amount of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also, what you eat is still important.
Of course, it’s important that the content is balanced.
I think the reason why I became more unhealthy was because Ionly ate bread and cereal at breakfast.

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