Investigating The True Seven Wonders of the World 1: The Beginning of the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… the seven wonders of the world as they are commonly known, are truly mysterious. But are they so mysterious that science cannot explain them at all? When I think about it, I think there is a much bigger wonder in this world.

Therefore, I investigated the “Seven Wonders of the World” that have not been elucidated scientifically but definitely exist.

To this wonder, by the way, there is no answer. Not even a hypothesis. It’s such a mystery that you can’t even formulate a hypothesis. But these mysteries really exist ! That’s why the real Seven Wonders of this world are really amazing!

The True Seven Wonders of the World 1: The Beginning of the World

I think the “beginning of this world” that is generally thought to be the Big Bang. It is famous that from a very small singularity, outer space expanded at once. I think everyone learned it in school (huh? I may not have learned it…).

I often see a theory called inflation theory on the Web that explains this, but I think this theory is a theory that explains “the expansion of space at superluminal speed immediately after the Big Bang”, not “why space began to be generated”.

In other words, nothing has been clarified at all as to why the Big Bang occurred.

There is also a theory called multicosmosism that says that this universe was formed from another universe, but it makes me want to wonder, “Then where did that other universe come from?”

After all, the “beginning” is a mystery.

And on top of this, there is an even deeper mystery (as expected, the True Seven Wonders of this world! ) .

The Mystery is … “the Big Bang really the beginning?”.

I think it’s possible that before the Big Bang, something existed, not nothing. Then the Big Bang is no longer the real beginning.

Well, whether the Big Bang started or not, I think there must have been a moment when things changed from nothing to something at some point (although it’s a mediocre idea).

Then, “Why was Existence born from Nothing?” is a mystery.
Or is there no beginning, and it has been going on forever? Or is there no boundary between nothingness and existence, and the chaos continues forever? Then, it becomes a mystery what it means to have “no beginning”.

If there is a beginning, why it started becomes a mystery, and if there is no beginning, it becomes a further mystery…

Whichever is true, the mystery of the “beginning of this world” is not a fantasy, but a mystery that actually exists.

From some theoretical or experimental background, some people may say, “If nothingness is a vacuum, then there is energy in the vacuum, and it exploded and it started!”
But, then, isn’t it the beginning when that energy is born? How did that energy come about? Eh, did it originally exist? What does it mean it originally existed? It’s going to be that kind of story. The beginning, no matter how far you go, is a mystery.

The pre-Christian philosopher Lao Tzu has this to say:
“All things in the world arise from existence, and existence arises from nothing
Maybe he knew something.

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