Investigating The True Seven Wonders of the World 2: Infinite

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… the seven wonders of the world as they are commonly known, are truly mysterious. But are they so mysterious that science cannot explain them at all? When I think about it, I think there is a much bigger wonder in this world.

Therefore, I investigated the “Seven Wonders of the Real World” that have not been elucidated scientifically but definitely exist.

To this wonder, by the way, there is no answer. Not even a hypothesis. It’s such a mystery that you can’t even formulate a hypothesis. But these mysteries really exist ! That’s why the real Seven Wonders of this world are really amazing!

The True Seven Wonders of the World 2: Infinite

In everyday life, it seems that there is no infinity. Only in the world of mathematics there is infinity, and in the real world, the number of animals, plants, molecules, and atoms on the earth are enormous, but finite. The little savings I have are finite…

But there is infinity in this world!

That is, infinity must exist in the universe… or beyond the universe, or even beyond the universe.

There is nothing more I can explain, but I would like to digress and talk about the size of the universe.

The size of the universe is often said to be about 45 billion light-years in radius. But this is a mistake. This is the observable range, not the size of the Universe.

So, is the true size of the universe infinite?

Regarding this, the theory that it is finite seems to be prevalent. The true size of the universe is the site “The astonishing vastness of the entire universe! According to it, the diameter (not the volume) is 10 to the 26th power of the observable universe.

Well, I don’t know what you think, but this is… a trillion times, another trillion times, another 100 times! Oh, I got the image! (Really?)

It’s huge, isn’t it?
If this is true, then if the size of the universe is the size of the earth, the size of the earth may be smaller than an atom (crying).

But no matter how big it is, finite is finite. It’s not infinite, but even if there is an end of the universe, there is something beyond. Even if there is “nothingness” beyond that, nothingness will exist infinitely.

If the universe is infinite, then there is infinity.
If the universe is finite, then there is infinity outside it.

Therefore, there must be infinity in this world.

However, that infinity may not be in three dimensions, but in a higher dimension. I will omit the explanation (Huh !?).

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