Investigating The True Seven Wonders of the World 3: Time

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… the seven wonders of the world as they are commonly known, are truly mysterious. But are they so mysterious that science cannot explain them at all? When I think about it, I think there is a much bigger wonder in this world.

Therefore, I investigated the “Seven Wonders of the Real World” that have not been elucidated scientifically but definitely exist.

To this wonder, by the way, there is no answer. Not even a hypothesis. It’s such a mystery that you can’t even formulate a hypothesis. But these mysteries really exist ! That’s why the real Seven Wonders of this world are really amazing!

The True Seven Wonders of the World 3: Time

The seven wonders of this world this time is “Time”.
Different people perceive time differently. Even the same person may feel differently in happy times and hard times.
But this time, it’s not a story like that. The speed at which time passes is really not constant.

This mystery is a real mystery, but unlike usual, it is not completely unsolved. As for time, it is explained by Einstein’s special theory of relativity. That is, “time goes faster when you move faster.” (By the way, this “time goes faster” is relative, and for person in motion, the sense of time is the same. )

It is often heard that it is not time that is constant, but the speed of light, and the closer you get to the speed of light, the slower the flow of time.
Or maybe hundreds of years have passed when an astronaut who went out on a sublight spaceship returns to Earth, or Urashima Taro, who went out on a sea turtle, returns to the village for 700 years.

Also, according to the general theory of relativity, which is an extension of the special theory of relativity mentioned above, the flow of time changes depending on the magnitude of gravity. The less gravity there is, the faster time passes.

In fact, it was demonstrated in 2020 that time passes slightly faster at the top of the Tokyo Skytree, where gravity is slightly lower than on the ground.

Quote.Tokyo Solamachi

But this only explains the phenomenon. I don’t think anyone can explain why this happened. In that sense, I think we can say that time is a mystery that exists but has not been solved.

The flow of time is not constant.
Time is a mystery that our intuition cannot comprehend.

It may not be scientific, but recently I heard that there is a theory that time does not exist.
Does it mean that time does not exist in this world, there is only the present moment, and matter is changing in it?

The aforementioned statement that “the flow of time changes” may be explained by that the speed of change in matter changes.
If this theory is correct, then a time machine will never be possible (crying).
It’s also a sad theory for me, who thought that that moment in the past was eternal.
And if this theory is correct, then this mystery of time also disappears . Because time doesn’t exist (crying).

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