Investigating The True Seven Wonders of the World 4: Space

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon… the seven wonders of the world as they are commonly known, are truly mysterious. But are they so mysterious that science cannot explain them at all? When I think about it, I think there is a much bigger wonder in this world.

Therefore, I investigated the “Seven Wonders of the Real World” that have not been elucidated scientifically but definitely exist.

To this wonder, by the way, there is no answer. Not even a hypothesis. It’s such a mystery that you can’t even formulate a hypothesis. But these mysteries really exist ! That’s why the real Seven Wonders of this world are really amazing!

The True Seven Wonders of the World 4: Space

The wonder of this world this time is “space”.
If you think, “After ‘time’, it’s space …” I’m sorry (laughs).

First of all, one of the strange things about this space is that it is not constant, but distorted. Like the previous time, it seems to change due to gravity.
Black holes are famous, so I think it’s easy to imagine.
That? Does that mean that our bodies also have mass and gravitational pull, so we distort space a little? Yes that’s true? (lol)

The strange thing about this space, number two, is that the space of the universe seems to continue to expand for some reason. The universe, which began with the Big Bang, is expanding steadily, and the stars are getting farther and farther away. This phenomenon does not mean that “space is constant and stars are moving apart due to the momentum of the Big Bang”, but that space itself is expanding. And at breakneck speed. Matter cannot exceed the speed of light, but space can expand beyond the speed of light.

The strange thing about this space is that it may not be three-dimensional. In superstring theory, it is said to be nine-dimensional. And it seems that 6 of the 9 dimensions are so compact that they cannot be observed.

Huh…? What dimension are we? Are we a three-dimensional creature and the remaining sixth dimension is unrecognizable or a ninth-dimensional creature? Since the sixth dimension is unobservable, there are no organs that sense the sixth dimension…We are a ninth-dimensional creature, but it’s like a creature that can only sense in three dimensions, right?

I got off topic.

Back to the dimension of space.
Personally, I doubt that the sixth dimension has really shrunken.
If we consider that the universe itself floats in four-dimensional space, then some mysteries can be explained. I suddenly became a self-opinion, so you may not know what it means (sweat).

It is difficult to understand in 3D and 4D, so let’s say that this current universe is a two-dimensional space.
And suppose that two-dimensional space is not flat, but sticks to the surface of a small balloon. The surface of the balloon is bent, but it is two-dimensional because it is only the surface. There are many galaxies and stars there. It’s not in a balloon, it’s on the surface. Because now we are assuming it as two-dimensional.

Nikkei Science

And when this balloon inflates, of course, the universe that is attached to it also expands. It seems that the universe does not expand around a certain point, but this explanation is consistent with that phenomenon.
This somehow explains the aforementioned wonder point 2 of space.

Also, if this hypothesis is correct, then the story of the end of the universe in another “infinity” story is that there is no end to the universe. If you leave the Earth and go straight ahead, you will come back to Earth. It goes around the balloon (laughs).

For the sake of explanation, the dimension has been lowered, but in reality, the surface of the balloon is three-dimensional, and the balloon is a four-dimensional space.

I thought I understood a littlle, but in the end, it doesn’t explain the “why it is spreading” in the strange point 2 at all, and in the end, it is full of mysteries.

This familiar space where we are now is a real and truly mysterious existence.

P.S. Regarding the expansion of space, there is a theory that it is not expanding, but that the mass is increasing.
The mystery only deepens.

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